Bead Shopping Request Form

Who: Randee Brown, Owner and Artist

What: Fill out this form to make a request

When: I go to the Taylors Falls Bead Store on Friday's and I will make a post for you to purchase the item on Monday after the claim it live bead sale around 4pm central time

Where: You will pay for your item on my website it will be listed under the bead section, then the custom order section with your name on it.

Why: Tons of my friends and people who love Taylors Falls Bead Store have asked me to pick up items for them through out my time beading online. I now offer this service to anyone.

Please provide the following information and I will do my best to get this item for you the next time I go to the Taylors Falls bead store. I usually go to the bead store on Fridays.

-I will contact you with prices and photos of the items
-I will pick the items up for you and I will make a custom order for you after the claim it live bead sale on the following Monday.
-You can purchase your item on my website under the Bead Store section then custom order section (look for your name card) add this item to your cart and purchase it through the site.
-Your item will include an itemized invoice, shipping insurance, and a $1 charge for picking it up for you.

  • Please be as specific as you can in your requests

example might be: 8mm round jump rings in gold and silver
or a strand of turquoise beads max amount $35.oo per strand