What is the #Foundobjectschallenge?

Randee Brown, Owner and Artist
This challenge was created by myself and the morning coffee club

When: We launch the bags on the 1st Tuesday of the month excluding December and January. We Launch the NEW bags the Night we announce the winner of the last challenge.

Where: These bags are only for sale on my website for about 1 week or until they sell out. We do a ducky race (number generator) LIVE on YOUTUBE to pick our winner.

Why: We want to bring our community together. We also wanted to help everyone get out of their comfort zone and experience more creativity and skill building.

THE FOUND OBJECTS CHALLENGE with Thunderhorse Descendant.
We will be playing for $50 worth of beady goodness from Taylors Falls Bead Store that is randomly selected by me, a beading book, and a free entry into next month's challenge. Inspired by the book "Jewelry Maker's Design Book and Alchemy of Objects" by Deryn Mentock 
Hello Party People!! Your $6.30 #Foundobjectschallenge bag contains items that are meant for you to upcycle and give new life to these objects and beads that would otherwise be forgotten. Good luck to you on this journey in creating art from old, new, used, and found objects. Remember we would love to hear from you throughout the process! 

  1. Get inspired by your bag!! The point of this challenge is to expand our design skills and thoughts about what “cool” jewelry really is. The point is that you are your best tool!! Your design skills, time, and thought put into the creation is what makes it cool and worthy. I bet you can make something amazing out of this bag. Change is not always comfortable for everyone. I suggest refraining from using your items ASAP. Give yourself a little time to get acquainted with your bag of items. Maybe do a little research on the beads, theme, color, ect...a new technique you have been thinking of trying….Then come to morning coffee LIVE on Youtube and discuss with us. You can make whatever and add whatever you want to your piece! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE JEWELRY. You can add whatever makes you comfortable from your stash.
  2. Get the camera! Take a few pics of  your selection of beads prior to your project...this way you will have something to document in your “design book”. Better yet get the design book out and do a little sketch in there about your design. Maybe use some of those cool stickers you picked up too! 
  3. Get to making!! If you are struggling with the challenge, maybe move to a different part of your house to bead, maybe take your stuff outside if it's nice. Don’t forget to take some photos. If you don’t get your piece done in one day….no worries it is not a race, you have about a month to work on this project.
  4. Complete your piece!! Do a Happy Dance!! Again photos and come to morning coffee to tell us about your progress! Remember this is a challenge so remember to support peers as well by making comments on their items….remember EVERYONE is outside of their comfort zone and might need a little encouragement. 
  5. Post at least 3 photos in the Thunderhorse Descendant Group on Facebook and Tag #Foundobjectschallenge and @RandeeBrown to make sure I get a notification to put you on the list for entry into the challenge . If you would like you could tell us a little bit about your process, struggles, wins, you know the ups and downs. Trust there is a designer inside everyone of us!!
  6. The due date for all projects will be on your order (this will not be a judged contest; it will be a random number generated drawing). I will announce the winner on Thunderhorse Descendant’s YouTube Channel LIVE with a ducky Race, then we will launch next months bags.

Good Luck to All and email me if you have questions, comments, or concerns -Randee thunderhorsedescendant@gmail.com