Customer Appreciation Ticket Drawing Nights

Randee Brown, Owner and Artist

Any order made from Thunderhorse Descendant (a jewelry order or a beady order) will receive 1 ticket. Every order you make will get you 1 ticket. Hold on to your tickets as we draw for 5 + free prizes 1 time per month!

The Drawing is at 8 pm central time the last Tuesday and Wednesday of the calendar month both days have to be in the same month so it can range from the 24th to the 31st. Join our email list to make sure you are notified.

In your order on the sticker inside of your card it will tell you the exact day for that color ticket

Beady Tickets are on Tuesday Nights at 8 pm central time and Jewelry Tickets are on Wednesday Nights 8 pm central time

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I have customer appreciation nights because number one I love my customers!! A lot of them have been with me from the very beginning. I like to show my gratitude for my customers as I know that there is a ton of other bead shops out there and I appreciate that you choose to spend your hard earned cash with Thunderhorse Descendant. Also I would hope that good reviews and word of mouth advertising from my current clients would bring in new customers.